Monday, February 23, 2009

Prepaid Card Expo, March 9–11, 2009 • The Orlando World Center Marriott • Orlando, FL

Meta’s Premiere Event at the 2009 Prepaid Card Expo!
It’s that time of year again… the Prepaid Card Expo, the most influential prepaid industry event is just around the corner. Since the Expo represents our highest profile event, we want you to know what we have planned to generate interest in this conference, and give you a little taste of how you can stay engaged.

The ‘Reel’ Meta Difference
As one of our nation’s premier entertainment and film-themed destinations, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to show Expo attendees the ‘Reel’ Meta difference when it comes to prepaid. To that end, our Expo booth will be showcasing a movie theme including:
• Meta Bank Movies (MBM), our Expo persona in Orlando, that will be capturing the attention of every Expo attendee
• Client testimonial videos that are in production
• And more…

We’re also proud to announce our participation in the following sessions at the Expo:

Market Focus: Addressing Prepaid Opportunities for Banks and Financial Institutions: Part II — For Non-Sponsor Financial Institutions
Mick Conlin

Incorporating New Freatures
and Functionality onto
Prepaid Platforms
Scott Galit

Panel Discussion: Analyzing the Future Opportunities to Spur Profitable Growth in Prepaid
Andrew Crowe

The Prepaid Card Industry’s
Take on State Abandon Property
John Hagy

Improving Reach Through Retail Distribution Strategies
Jason Brooks

We’ll also be adding information to to promote our conference activities to our clients and the prepaid industry. As always, your efforts and the efforts of everyone at Meta have put us at the forefront of the prepaid industry. For that, we thank you!

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